About Allergia


Light. A New Way To Fight Allergies

Our mission is to disrupt the $7B+ Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis (Hay Fever) market with a phototherapeutic medical device that more economically, effectively and safely treats patients than current drug options.

Innovative Home Use Device.  We have successfully designed, patented and tested a home-use phototherapeutic medical device to suppress the symptoms of seasonal allergenic rhinitis (SAR), commonly known as hay fever, and to lead the company into a $7.6 billion market.

Allergia is Superior to Current Treatment Options.  Allergia will provide consumers with an efficient, safe, inexpensive and easy-to-use device, compared to current drug treatments, such as antihistamine drugs, intranasal corticosteroids, immunotherapy, and other phototherapeutic devices.

Excellent Clinical Results. IRB-sanctioned Pilot Study (2012): 31% improvement in Total Nasal Symptom Score (TNSS) vs. Baseline ( p = 0.013 ). No side effects.

Large Addressable Market.  $7.6B global market for antihistamine and nasal allergy drugs. 95M seasonal allergy sufferers in US, EU and Japan. 46.8M prescriptions filled for nasal allergy treatments resulting in sales of approximately $2.5B (IMS Health, 2011). Market is dominated by major pharmaceuticals: $3.3B in sales from top 20 OTC allergy brands (SymphonyIRI Group, 2011).

Go-to-Market. We will market its phototherapeutic devices as an OTC product through multiple distribution channels, both foreign and domestic.

Technology.  Uses broadband Red Light (not UV light) – therapeutic window is 600-800nm. The Allergia device is the only platform capable of delivering light with the intensity and quality necessary to render a hand-held home-use device efficacious and marketable. A growing body of research consistently demonstrates the efficacy and safety of phototherapy in managing seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis:

Intellectual Property. Two pending patents covering process and apparatus. Additional IP will be developed by the Company.

Milestones to Date.  Proof-of-Concept. Pending Patent . FDA Pre-submission.